Our Burger's story

Lot s of people know Chinese food have Sweet and Sour Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Shrimp Lomein, egg rolls etc, but lot's of people didn't know that Chinese food also have burger, which is may the earliest burger in the world, two of them are very famous, one is called Rogamo(肉夹馍), another one is called Goboolee(狗不理), let's share the stories of them with you as followings.


Goboolee (狗不理) story

"Go(狗)" in Chinese means dog, it is often give this dog name to boys, especially in countryside, since dogs easily to feed and grow up." Boolee" means ignore, talk to nobody, “ Goboolee" is a brand name of this burger, "Go" is the name of original creator of this burger, how this burger get this name? let's slowly finish it, you will see it.



Let's time go back around 200 years ago, in Tianjin China, Go was 14 years old, his parents can not afford to send him to school anymore, yet send him to a burger restaurant to be a apprentice instead. However, Go was so ingenious and studious, plus with the careful guidance of the master, Go's craft of making burgers continues to improve, soon Go became a new master of a burger maker, and be very famous around their area.


The result...

Years later, Go opened his own burger restaurant, due to Go's serious working, never adulterated, the burger he make, taste tender soft, fresh and not oily or salty, distinctive color and flavor, that cause people even from hundreds of miles come to eat his burger. As more and more people come to eat, Go was too busy to talk to his customers, thus, people joke him as: “ Go ignore people", the Chinese word just like "Goboolee", over time, "Goboolee" become a brand name of Go's burger until today.


Rogamo (肉夹馍)story

Back 2000 years ago, in Shanxi, China, a named XiQi Army, on their way to attack their enemy, this army was facing two major issues on the march: (1)They need good and enough food to feed soldiers can keep them healthy and strong to fight . (2), Since the fighting could happened at the any time, so the food cooking and eating time very limited.



AnHu, who was a military chef by then, he and his team pre-cooked pork meat and wheat pies, they put both food in separate containers, he also add nearly 20 different herbs to the meat cooking pot in order to keep the meat freshness, "I can not care about food tasty any more, what I care is keep the meat away from spoiling" , he said. When the time eating, soldiers use their knife to cut the pie in the middle, insert the meat and hot green peppers, cilantro, etc. Surprisingly, the soldiers like the food very much, which they ate way too fast, from the first bite to last they were hooked.


The result

When the war was over, most soldiers were discharged and went to back to their home town to continued their famer's life. However, lots of them still miss the meals they had during the war time, then, some of them based on their memory to imitate to make the food they used to have in the army. Over time, the taste and flavor of this food keep improved, 2000 years later today, this kind of food has become delicious, well-known Chinese Burger in North-West part of China.


Quality, not quantity

We are Kung Fu Burger & Deli team, analysis, integrated, inherit the ingredient and flavor of those two superior of Chinese burgers and configurate with modernized making and cooking method to offer a new delicious, healthy, nutrition food to the public.

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